30 Years in 30 Minutes Podcast: Founder of Tripadvisor Reveals the Secrets of Entrepreneurship

Michael Oved sits down with Steve Kaufer, co-founder and former CEO of TripAdvisor (the $3 billion public travel research platform that aggregates reviews about destinations, accommodations, hotels, and activities). He tells us about the successes and failures he's had on his road to founding the company, what he's learned from them, and what aspiring entrepreneurs can do now to best prepare themselves for the tumultuous journey that is entrepreneurship.

Luxury shopping on a dime

GoBankingRates.com: I’m a Frugal Shopper: How I Afford Luxury Items on a Middle-Class Salary

Even luxury goods go on sale sometimes. Whether you’re on a middle-class salary or not, if you want to keep costs down while still splurging every now and then, keep an eye out for those discounts. For example, you can use Give Freely's coupon browser to help you automatically find coupons, such as 50% off a pair of luxury sneakers. And through Give Freely's charitable service, the store could then donate 10% of the purchase price to your favorite nonprofit. Everybody wins!


Fair Media Council: Fast Chat with Steve Kaufer

In this episode, find out how one successful tech entrepreneur is starting over again, this time with a focus on philanthropy. Steve Kaufer, co-founder and the recently retired CEO of TripAdvisor, is our guest. Kaufer talks about his new venture, Give Freely, what it's like to begin a second act at the age of 60, and what he's learned along the way.

Charities get creative to raise donations

Barron's/Penta: Amid Geopolitical Concerns, Major Philanthropy Continues to Forge Ahead…Creatively

Steve Kaufer, founder of e-commerce giving platform Give Freely and founder of TripAdvisor, says that the economy has a much bigger role in election years, as he looks to build and grow something that can act as a “counterbalance.” 

“There’s a trend towards democratization, and acting collectively can lead to greater impact,” he says. 

Amid Geopolitical Concerns, Major Philanthropy Continues to Forge Ahead…Creatively
Image promoting Give Freely chrome extension

WFMY: Saving you money … stores donate to your favorite charity

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Seems like everywhere you look right now there's a company advertising a sale. If you're buying stuff online, 2 Wants To Know found a way you can also give back to the community at the same time and it won't cost you a dime. Give Freely is a Chrome web browser extension that gets paid a commission by stores for recommending you shop there.

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Image of the Podcast

Small and Gutsy Podcast features Give Freely

“What if you could financially support a nonprofit organization, doing what you personally believe contributes to making the world a better place, without actually spending even a dime? Sounds too good to be true, but this time it’s too good and very true! There is something in algorithmic data collection and internet savviness that makes even the most limited math student, me, understand the value of building a network of folks with shared values that frankly have the potential to become a movement.”

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Image of the website Budget Fashionista

Budget Fashionista: 8 Free Coupon Browser Extensions to Save You Money

“Give Freely is a new player in the browser extension game, founded by Tripadvisor Co-Founder Steve Kaufer. If you’re wondering why the Tripadvisor guy needs a new venture, here’s the answer: He doesn’t. 


You see, Give Freely donates every cent it makes to charity. The business model is unique. Competing extensions are in it for the profits. They make money by generating affiliate commissions every time you buy something. But Give Freely donates its commission to a charity of your choosing. Cool, right?“


Budget Fashionista

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Image promoting of the Webinar

Webinar with Give Freely and Givzey

A 20 minute discussion on how Give Freely can help small and large nonprofits with fundraising. There are no costs to a charity for using Give Freely. Registration required to watch the webinar recording.

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Boston Globe article

Boston Globe: Tripadvisor cofounder’s next venture focuses on philanthropy

Tripadvisor cofounder and former CEO Steve Kaufer has been looking for his next thing since leaving the online travel company last year. Now he’s decided to start a software company devoted to attracting more funding for charities. His new startup, Give Freely, has developed a web browser extension, essentially a piece of software that consumers can add to their Chrome or Safari app, that will allow them to send money to a favorite charity when they shop online. Shoppers don’t pay extra; the money for charities comes from the commissions retailers commonly pay on purchases to sites that sent buyers their way.

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Give Freely Logo

Announcing Give Freely

Tripadvisor Co-Founder Launches New Venture: Give Freely, a Shopping Assistant That Finds Coupons and Donates Sales Commissions to Charities as Consumers Shop


Shop, Save, Support: Join the Give Freely Movement

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