About Us

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Our Mission

Give Freely is a mission-driven company incorporated with the sole purpose of harnessing the collective power of online commerce for charitable good. Co-founded and funded by Steve Kaufer, the visionary co-founder and longtime leader of Tripadvisor, Give Freely’s automatic coupon finder is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charity every time you shop online, at no cost to you. 


Give Freely seeks to spark a movement by embedding generosity into everyday acts. Steve is a huge believer in the power of large communities channeling small, individual actions into a large, collective force for good. With Tripadvisor, that vision led to a few million review contributors helping more than a billion travelers every year have a better vacation. 


With Give Freely, every purchase becomes a small act of generosity. When aggregated, those acts hold immense potential for positive global impact. If 50 million users joined the movement, they would generate over a billion dollars in new donations to charities every year.  In a world where people often feel powerless in the face of conflict, human suffering and environmental threats, Give Freely aspires to be an antidote by creating a movement to inspire generosity.


This sounds great! How does Give Freely work?

When you shop at 10,000 of your favorite stories, Give Freely will find you discount codes and coupons to help you score deals, with the added bonus that Give Freely will donate its commission from the sale to your favorite charitable organization. You can choose from over one million nonprofits to support. 


How do I get started shopping and donating with Give Freely? It’s so simple! Go to www.givefreely.com from the web browser on your computer. Click the button that says “Add to Chrome - It’s Free” and you’ll be taken to the Give Freely page in the Chrome store. Then click on “Add To Chrome” and the browser extension will download. Then you select a charity from over a million choices. Finally, go shop online at any of our 10,000 partner stores. When you are ready to buy something you love, a message will pop up asking if you want a percentage of your purchase to go to your favorite charity.


Our Founders

Steve Kaufer

Steve Kaufer

Steve Kaufer is an industry trailblazer who transformed the travel landscape by creating Tripadvisor. As the co-founder and CEO of this globally renowned platform, Steve’s vision and leadership propelled it to become the most popular travel site on the internet.


Always a committed philanthropist, Steve is now focused on a mission to simplify and amplify the art of giving back. He firmly believes in the profound impact of collective actions by large communities, stemming from small individual efforts. At Tripadvisor, he mobilized millions of contributors to leave reviews, enriching the experiences of over a billion travelers. With Give Freely, every purchase becomes a small act of generosity that, when aggregated, holds immense potential for positive global change. Steve’s goal is to spark a generosity movement, transforming everyday actions into meaningful contributions around the world.

Brendan Buono

Brendan Buono

Brendan Buono is a dynamic and seasoned leader who serves as the Co-Founder and CTO of Give Freely. Holding a Computer Science degree from Stonehill College, Brendan has over a decade of rich experience in the tech industry. He made a notable impact at Amazon Pharmacy as the Head of Pharmaceutical Pricing Technology, spearheading innovative solutions to make medications more affordable. His versatile expertise also extends into other sectors through his experiences at Lovepop and DraftKings.


At Give Freely, Brendan channels his passion and energy into leveraging technology to empower individuals in making a lasting and meaningful impact on communities and missions in need.