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Ozi Services

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EIN: 432012178 ✦ Detroit, MI ✦ Designated as a 501(c)(3)


What is Ozi Services?

Ozi Services is a nonprofit organization based in Detroit, Michigan, specifically at 20115 Houghton Street, 48219. Their mission is to offer adult foster care to developmentally challenged individuals, helping them live independently with minimal assistance. They prioritize inclusivity, accepting clients regardless of their ability to pay, and provide aid in finding financial assistance through government agencies for those in need. The organization employs a small team of four individuals who are dedicated to ensuring the best possible care for their clients.

Is Ozi Services legitimate?

Mission Statement of Ozi Services

Ozi Services, a dedicated organization, is committed to offering adult foster care for developmentally challenged individuals, enabling them to live independently with minimal assistance. By accepting clients regardless of their financial status, Ozi Services ensures that those in need receive the care they require. The mission of Ozi Services is to empower these individuals, providing them with the best care providers to enhance their quality of life. In practice, Ozi Services has successfully assisted six adult patients in living more independently, demonstrating their commitment to their mission. Furthermore, the organization assists clients in finding financial aid through government agencies, serving as a valuable resource for under-served members of their community.


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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ozi Services is making a profound impact on the lives of developmentally challenged adults in Detroit, MI. By providing adult foster care to patients with the best possible care providers, Ozi Services is enabling these individuals to live independent lives with only minimal assistance. The organization's commitment to accepting clients regardless of their ability to pay ensures that those in need receive the care and support they deserve.

Through Ozi Services's efforts, six adult foster patients have been able to access the assistance they require to live independently. Additionally, the organization has helped clients secure funding for their care by connecting them with government agencies that offer financial assistance to underserved individuals in the community.

Ozi Services's dedication to mental health and their mission to empower developmentally challenged patients to lead autonomous lives sets them apart as a vital resource for those in need in the Detroit area.


This financial information is from Propublica.


Other financial information:

This information is from the most recently submitted tax form from this organization, which was in 2022.

  • Investment Income: $0
  • Program Service Revenue: $0
  • Gross Receipts: $1,290,588

    • Assets and Liabilities:
  • Total Assets: $151,858
  • Total Liabilities: $159,119
  • Net Assets: -$7,261
  • Organization Details

    Founding Year


    Principal Officer

    Cosmos Ukandu

    Main Address

    20115 HOUGHTON ST, Detroit, MI, 48219

    NTEE Category

    Code: F33 - Mental health