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Preserve Calavera

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EIN: 330955504 ✦ Oceanside, CA ✦ Designated as a 501(c)(3)


What is Preserve Calavera?

Preserve Calavera is a nonprofit organization based in Oceanside, California, dedicated to safeguarding and improving the natural resources of coastal North San Diego County. Their initiatives span across various areas, including wildlife protection, water quality, climate change, and endangered species conservation. In 2022, they carried out data collection to revise dog off-leash and parking measures in a wildlife corridor, protected a sacred waterfall from pollution, and expanded their bimonthly regional water shed testing to include DNA and microplastics testing. They also established the Oceanside Green House Gas Emissions Reduction Fund to support local emissions reduction projects. Preserve Calavera engages in community education and outreach, graduating a class of California Naturalists and offering weekly instruction, along with citizen scientist projects. They also organize volunteer teams for grassland mitigation at Ranch La Costa. Additionally, they participate in events like Pollinator and Endangered Species Day, and collaborate with the University of California, San Diego for educational programs. Overall, their mission is to minimize the impacts of development on the region's natural lands, wildlife, and greenhouse gases, ensuring a sustainable future for coastal North San Diego County.

Official website here: www.preservecalavera.org

Is Preserve Calavera legitimate?

Preserve Calavera is a legitimate nonprofit organization registered as a 501(c)(3) entity. Preserve Calavera submitted a form 990, which is a tax form used by tax-exempt organizations in the U.S., indicating its operational transparency and adherence to regulatory requirements. Donations to this organization are tax deductible.

Here are some key statistics you may want to consider:

Executive Compensation: $0
Professional Fundraising Fees: $0
Other Salaries and Wages: $0

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Official website here: www.preservecalavera.org

What is the mission statement of Preserve Calavera?

The mission of Preserve Calavera is to safeguard, improve, and rejuvenate the natural resources in coastal areas. They strive to protect wildlife habitats, ensure water quality, combat climate change, and reduce the impact of development, all with the goal of preserving the region's ecosystem. They engage in various activities such as monitoring water quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, restoring native habitats, and providing education and outreach programs. Their efforts extend to protecting endangered species, participating in conservation events, and collaborating with local communities to minimize the effects of development on the environment.

Official website here: www.preservecalavera.org

Who is the CEO of Preserve Calavera?

Diane Nygaard is the President of Preserve Calavera.

Official website here: www.preservecalavera.org

What is the revenue of Preserve Calavera?

Preserve Calavera's revenue in 2022 was $23,751.

Official website here: www.preservecalavera.org

Who are the executives of Preserve Calavera and what are their salaries?