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Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc

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EIN: 237229228 ✦ Cataract, WI ✦ Designated as a 501(c)(3)


What is Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc?

Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preserving the environment and supporting various community initiatives. They focus on conservation programs, aiming to protect and enhance local ecosystems. In addition, they are committed to the development and maintenance of parks, ensuring these spaces remain pristine and accessible for everyone. Charity programs are a significant part of their mission, where they offer assistance to those in need. The Club also engages in creek bank restoration projects, working to improve water quality and habitat for aquatic life. Another key aspect of their work is restocking trout, contributing to the health of local fisheries. Furthermore, they place a strong emphasis on educating youth, empowering the next generation with knowledge about the environment and conservation practices.

Is Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc legitimate?

Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc is a legitimate nonprofit organization registered as a 501(c)(3) entity. Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc submitted a form 990EZ, which is a tax form used by tax-exempt organizations in the U.S., indicating its operational transparency and adherence to regulatory requirements. Donations to this organization are tax deductible.

What is the mission statement of Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc?

The Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc is dedicated to conservation efforts, preserving and enhancing park facilities, aiding charitable causes, rehabilitating creek banks, stocking trout, and educating youth. The organization's primary focus is on environmental conservation, park development, charitable support, creek bank restoration, and trout restocking. Additionally, they are committed to educating the younger generation.

Who is the CEO of Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc?

Dean Johnson is the President of Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc.

What is the revenue of Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc?

Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc's revenue in 2022 was $46,205.

Who are the executives of Cataract Sportsmens Club Inc and what are their salaries?