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Hartford Public Library

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EIN: 066026029 ✦ Hartford, CT ✦ Designated as a 501(c)(3)


What is Hartford Public Library?

The Hartford Public Library, located at 503 Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut (06103), is a community-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to literacy and learning. Their primary mission is to make resources accessible to all, fostering exploration and providing a space for intellectual growth. The library promotes free and open access to information, helping people engage in our democratic society. With a commitment to inspiring reading and guiding learning, the Hartford Public Library is a valuable asset to the community.

Official website here: www.hplct.org

Is Hartford Public Library legitimate?

Hartford Public Library is a legitimate nonprofit organization registered as a 501(c)(3) entity. Hartford Public Library submitted a form 990, which is a tax form used by tax-exempt organizations in the U.S., indicating its operational transparency and adherence to regulatory requirements. Donations to this organization are tax deductible.

Here are some key statistics you may want to consider:

Executive Compensation: $0
Professional Fundraising Fees: $0
Other Salaries and Wages: $0

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Official website here: www.hplct.org

What is the mission statement of Hartford Public Library?

The Hartford Public Library is committed to providing free resources that inspire reading, guide learning, and encourage individual exploration. In line with this mission, the library promotes and supports literacy and learning by offering access to a vast collection of books, media, and information. The organization is dedicated to helping people engage with their democratic society by providing open access to knowledge and ideas.

Official website here: www.hplct.org

Who is the CEO of Hartford Public Library?

Bridget E Quinn is the President And Ceo of Hartford Public Library. The CEO's salary of Hartford Public Library is $0 and their total compensation is $258,724.

Official website here: www.hplct.org

What is the revenue of Hartford Public Library?

Hartford Public Library's revenue in 2023 was $16,930,009.

Official website here: www.hplct.org

Who are the executives of Hartford Public Library and what are their salaries?